Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Getting Down Early--Clemson Postseason, Early Exit, Prevention Strategies?

Just read this piece by Greg Wallace on the Tigers feeling they have to be prepared for tonights game but I was impressed by the discussion at the end by Purnell and TO about the need to start quicker. Purnell goes so far as to say:

“It could be personality, could be how good the league is, how good the teams are. I haven’t given up on us finding a way to get out of the gates faster. We have done it a few times this year but not nearly enough. I’ve seen the other side of that coin many times, us falling behind."

His new idea is to get the guys sweating more before the game and have more structured warm-ups. I like how Purnell isnt afraid to try new motivational strategies to help Clemson compete at an optimal level. So I thought I would add in a few ideas of my own, please feel free to add to the list...
  • First I think one of the main reasons we fall behind early is because teams are ready and prepared for the press. They are able to execute early and later get worn down and create the majority of the turnovers. No stats to prove it but it would be nice to see if there was a correlation. So my thought is to mix up different looks for the press early. Still being aggressive, still pressing, but not giving up so many transition baskets early. Once the game progresses then turn up the heat.
  • I think you need to get more dribble penetration early. The team often becomes tenative, tries to get the ball to Booker and then starts launching threes. The way to mitigate some of this is getting primarily Stitt and Rivers to drive and break down the D more. This should result in some easy looks for Booker and Grant/Sykes. Obviosuly you have to keep going inside to Booker as much as possible but early you need some points driving to the basket.
  • Last I would suggest running more specific set plays in the first five minutes. Clemson has been lightyears ahead of last year in their halfcourt offense but running some more backdoor cuts or even an alley-oop--something set to your best players...Thats all I got so far--its a tough question but one worth exploring heading towards the postseason. Please feel free to contribute...

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  1. I like the idea of mixing up the press early on, particularly against a team that handles the ball well. Just to get them to slow down a little as they advance the ball--give Clemson enough time to get back. I'm not sure what else I would add, maybe slowing things down the offensive side in the first few minutes would help them control better control the early game, more or less what you were getting at in the last point...


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