Saturday, 3 October 2009

Napier's head should roll

That was absolutely pathetic. I'm sure Billy Napier is a great guy and he has a bright future, I just dont think its now...

Parker was just awful, that was like a watching Procter again. It was painful. I dont know whats going on, seems to me a combination of things--when they werent blitzing though Parker had all day...I mean ten seconds--as much time as he needed. But he didnt run for positive yards, he either threw it out of bounds every play or he started to move and then lost all of his mechanics. When he moves the passes become ugly. I know the WR's dont do a good job getting separation but Parker must be having trouble simply reading defenses...

Napier is in over his head with a freshman QB. Steele and the D had a pathetic second quarter but they made the adjustments and shut down the terps--plus they had the added bonus of a couple of terps going down. How many chances to move the ball were we given. How do you have an oline giving you time for once--and the acc all purpose yards leader in your backfield and you cant get it into field goal range when you start at the thirty?? Dabo is going to fail if he doesnt do something--all his believe slogans and mantras dont equate into cant put it on your kicker like that...he should have made one of them but get it in the middle of the field for him.

Actually I think we still have a chance in the atlantic division just because everyone else is so pathetic. Maryland wont be a team in contention at the end so if we found a way to win out then we could still do it but this is pathetic. This is mediocre at best. We should have hired Bud Foster. I want TDP to go down first before Dabo though, it was his hire and he has a bad track record as far as I am concerned. This is depressing, so much wasted talent...

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  1. Totally over his head. No free pass for this offense any longer.

    There has been zero improvement.


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