Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Steele Could Be Gone?

I'm going to hold off for something official because I really like Coach Steele and I hope he does not leave us coming down the stretch run in recruiting, take Coach Brooks with him and then steal all of our players. I have nothing against Tennessee (I don't mean to offend any resident Tennessee fans) but you guys hired Lane Kiffin who made a mockery of your institution. That is your bed and when you play in the mud with pigs you get dirty or something. I made fun of the UT Wildboys and all that recruiting garbage but this picture is enough for me...it puts me over the edge...


Yeah that is right, Lane and his brother-in-law and Mike Tomlin 'hanging out' with some co-eds. So the man is obviously scum and that picture is enough but the 'rendez-vous' place was paid for by a booster. Yep a Tennessee booster--the same people and institution that are going to steal Steele. Now I am ticked off...Oh and Lane also crashed his car (whoops, not his car--it was from Lexus of Knoxville??) while drinking with a bunch of co-eds in said car. He then proceeded to abandon them for the cops. Is that the Tennessee program you want to go to? I want an NCAA investigation and quick--one that keeps Steele from heading up there.

Steele, say it ain't so!!

Edit: Ok he is gone, but Dan Brooks is supposed to stay. 600,000 to go back to your alma mater. Please don't hire Blackwell...Thanks a lot Kiffin...

ReEdit: Thank you Dabo! The Head Coach earns his stripes again. The "Man of Steele" shows what he is made of and stays with the Tigers! Really glad to hear it and I hope the admin ponies up and gives him a generous pay raise. For all you Steele haters, give him a LB who will play his assignments and a second year to coach some of these younger Defensive players. I think we improve a lot next year and it is a lot better than starting from scratch again.

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  1. Oh yeah, those Lexus rumors have been floating around for quite some time. Thats why Kiffin has his own driver, Hamilton insisted on it after this incident.


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