Friday, 21 August 2009

Question of the Day?

So if the Oline is not much better than last year and the WR drop the ball--KP struggles cant find his confidence(or gets injured), Korn doesnt fair much better, or just doesnt have the arm strength or mechanics--do you think Swinney and company will burn the Redshirt on Boyd, perhaps midseason, if he is completely healed and looking even better than before?? Would that be a smart move? Do you not do it even if you need to--do you go with Wade??


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  2. I really think that would be a waste. All indications are that Boyd just has too much to absorb and his knee does affect his play.

    That wouldnt change enough by midseason to bring him in, unless both Parker and Korn get nicked up theres no way I could see burning up the RS.

    If we got to such a situation the season is lost anyway, so why not put Wade in.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn't count on Boyd being able to provide much. Heck, we have to see how well Napier can integrate a player with his skillset into an offensive scheme. I wonder how much Napier's even been able to think about Boyd with the whole designing and implementing his first offense thing...

  4. If shit were to hit the fan apocolyptic style - both Parker and Korn injured and/or sucking donkey balls - then Boyd really would be looked at very closely at starting some point this season assuming his ACL injury steadily improves. He seems like one of those QB's that just has the IT factor in a big way though I believe Parker and Korn are both have a similiar presence (the former more so than the latter). We have a great problem in that we seemingly have 3 QB's who can just make plays but I think Boyd might be in the Troy Smith category while Parker might be a Todd Reesing type of guy. Boyd makes plays in spite of the fact he has little knowledge of the offense. Both he and Parker looked very good in high school All Star games where very good QB's normally look very bad because of the lack of practice time/familiarity with players and ridiculously good defenses. It would have to be a monumental FAIL though for Parker and Korn to both suck due to ability rather than injury.


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