Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Deep Thoughts

I wanted to throw my opinion in the ring in regards to naming Kyle Parker the starting QB. I think that Napier forced the issue and had Dabo make the call earlier than anticipated and here is why. Parker has been ahead of Korn, no surprise, since Spring--not significantly but he has a stronger arm and more zip on his passes, more big play potential perhaps. Korn has improved and has looked a lot better from the spring--so why go with Parker so early when we kept hearing forever how it was going to come down to gameday without a starter being named.

The reason, I suspect, is the WR play. Napier may not be experienced and it remains to be seen if he can cut it as a major Offensive Coordinator but this is the first good move, a really smart move he is making. That is encouraging. He has targeted the WR unit as the biggest question mark and so he is already adjusting to maximize the potential output of the offense. That is what good OC's do. He must have evaluated the situation and said he would profit more from having one QB taking the reps to build that familiarity with the WR's. They are dropping balls they shouldnt drop--I hope that is because they arent used to having a QB who really throws the ball and they just need to adjust to a 'major league' arm. (sorry couldnt resist)

I also suspect that this is one of the reasons that the TE is going to be used more this year--proven commodities who can catch the ball. Allen is a beast who has the athletic ability to be a weapon, so I dont think throwing it to him more in a game than Ashe, Brown, Jones, Dye is a bad move(despite what T-net might say). So the good news is Napier is proving to be smart--make KP the starter, help the WR as much as possible and start game planning away from relying on the WR. Physical running game and RB as legit WR targets. I think this had little to do with Korn or Parker really distancing himself and more to do with bad WR play. I would like to see Jacoby gets some reps and someone prove himself--shame Clear went down, looked like he was putting it together.

Cant believe football is almost here...Now is the point in the year where I get a big jug of water--throw in a bag of sugar, dump in like five packets of the good stuff and start chugging the Kool-Aid. This year its Dabo flavored...

Go Tigers! Win an ACC Championship just bc Tommy Bowden isnt here!!


  1. Have to disagree with you on the closeness of the race between Parker and Korn. Parker has been consistently much better than Korn in pretty much every facet of the game from Spring to Present. In recent interviews it seemed Korn new Parker was ahead of him from even the start the of the spring. Korn's shoulder issues/mechanics I think have taken a toll. He is indecisive with his decision making and then doesn't have the arm strength to make all the throws necessary. I think we can win with Korn if we had to but the offense would be more QB run oriented with dinking and dunking from a passing standpoint. Parker's cannon really helps him but he has also commanded the offense significantly better than Korn. I will say though Parker better watch out because Boyd will right behind him sooner rather than later.

  2. I completely agree with you that Parker is the better QB, he has the arm strength and like you said has commanded the offense. I guess my point is that this came earlier than expected because the Wr's are showing how green they are and the O-line is still struggling. So really you are right--I think Parker was going to be named the starter no matter what but bc of Korn's popularity, supposed improvement(which he has made some of), and running ability Swinney wasnt planning on naming the QB so soon. I think it was Napier who pulled the trigger--and good for him. You are also right about Boyd--he has looked terrific and thats on one leg practically...thanks for commenting.


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