Monday, 24 August 2009

Another question of the day?

So the first one worked so well thought we would try it again...Today I want to know who is the player that no one is particularly talking about (no CJ or KP) that will make a big contribution this year? I cant even recall anyone last yr, maybe DeAndre...slim pickings though. My vote is for Dwayne Allen. I think KP is smart enough to use the TE and Napier will be looking for a way around relying on the WR's especially if Jacoby's hammy never fully heals or gets tweaked again. Someone put that muscle grouping on a prayer roll and quick!!

I was thinking Dalton Freeman might start somewhere in the season and Kevin Alexander could have a monster year. Oh and Zimmerman could really elevate our kicking game--who do you got??

If you havent already, check out the O-line debate over at ClemPson. Great quotes by Pearman. Dr B and company have some of the best Clemson content on the web, essential reading if you dont already...


  1. Byron Maxwell is one guy that will be playing on Sundays but he is just behind a log jam of talent at the CB position. I think we'll see a lot more out of Cumbie and Chavis this year after being coached up by Brooks to go along with the fact both are holding their weight around 290.

  2. If Cloy botches a damn snap, we'll see Freeman in there for sure. I HATE botched snaps after week 1. There is NO excuse for it.

  3. No one is talking about Bowers, and rightfully so after the quiet season he had last year.

    I think this season he steps it up big time.


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