Friday, 24 July 2009

Steve Spurrier Is Kind Of A Jerk Or A Bad Manager

So once again Steve Spurrier shows his true colors. Recruits take note--this man cant even see that Tim Tebow is the top QB in the SEC, either that or he cant run an organization and allows idiots to fill out his ballots. Either way what I really think this shows is that Spurrier is a poor sport and doesnt like how his legacy in Florida is being overtaken by Urban Meyer and T-bow. Sour grapes from an old tired coach who needs to gracefully exit into the sunset--but the overblown ego of the ball coach would never allow that to happen. So here is to his imminent demise and self destruction, its going to be a great show to watch bc although I'll admit this SC team has some talent, they are going to be fighting to stay at .500 in the SEC...but hey with 7 O-line recruits coming in maybe next year will be the year (no, seriously this time!).

Go Tigers!

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