Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Perhaps Why USuCk is Beating Us

They don't have better recruits, they don't have a better scheme and their coaches aren't better than ours but they have been a lot tougher than us for the past three years...hmm...I just can't hep but wonder why?? Now obviously this is a lot of nice editing but I can't help but look at the competition that is going on here and see more intensity.  They are doing functional strength drills that push players to really get into it.  When you see our team lazily pushing sleds do you get the same intensity? The lifting is also night and day--everyone practicing good form.  Are we keeping track of 40 and shuttle times--charting in tangible benchmarks how players can improve? I also like how they use longer lines of players for their drills so less players are standing around taking breaks. We need to get some additional help, fresh new ideas, or make a change...

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