Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Poor End Game Execution

This team needs to get it together. Last three posessions--Stitt an early Booker tough, next Potter cant pass it to a Booker with position (when will this team learn to pass the ball??) so he makes a weak drive that gets blocked--ugly. Granted that the late whistle on the opposite end where Booker had position was a horrible call. And then to top it off, Stitt jogs down the court and we dont have time for a putback.

That Narcisse turnover killed us. That Potter turnover killed us. We need to shoot better at the FT line and not give up 23 point leads. When Booker is on the block all you need to do is fake a lob and throw it around your defender--take a dribble, perhaps, and then pass it in with a clear lane. A bounce pass works well...

That loss hurts what momentum we had from beating Butler and really helps the Big Ten. How the Big Ten is the best conference in America is still beyond me--I do like this tourney bc it shows that they aint that great. We should do it in football to get more wins...

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